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 AvaStars is a Virtual World where you can build, hangout, explore, party and do all the things you never ever expected to do in your life.


Choose a virtual life worth living.

A world where everything is a bit different… though still the same.

AvaStars mixes Old with New.

Old as in the Old days lots of Virtual Worlds users will remember.

New as in new features, new/better performances and less rules.


AvaStars doesn't tell its residents what to do in their virtual or lives, that is totally up to you. The sky is the limit... as long as you accept and agree our TOS.

We've kept the rules simple and the prices low, the rest is up to you.


We are and live this World and don't just stand beside... we keep up with coming innovations and new features. Because even the very best isn't good enough for us and our residents.

What makes AvaStars different is that it offers the best off all virtual worlds

with everything you had, need and may want in the future.

Be a part of the past, the now and the future.

Your Choices, your decisions, nothing more nothing less.

That's how a Virtual World can and should be.


What do we have to offer you:

ü Old and new Scripting languages - F.e. LSL, VB, CS

ü Payouts only in Euros - Means fixed prices

ü Mouth movements while talking - Gives a realistic feeling

ü Wind, Rain, Snow and tides - hairs blowing in the wind, winter sport resorts, jumping in puddles, etc. (Coming Up)

ü Friendly Community

ü Ears, to listen to all your wishes and questions

ü Mesh/Sculpties

ü Virtual Reality (Coming Up)

ü Building tool: Undo - Till max. 10 times back, counts for prims and textures

ü Linking prims – No limit

ü Music/Video

ü Voice chat

ü All kinds off entertainment


What we don’t have:

ü Payout Limit - We think it’s only fair that the money you have or earn is totally yours

ü Premium accounts

ü High Sim costs or Taxes - Everyone should have the possibility to own what he or she wants, so we keep the costs low

ü AvaStars is and will stay Free to play

ü Difficult rules - Real life is hard enough, we don’t need extra rules in our virtual lives. What you aren't allowed to do in Real Life, you aren't allowed     to do in AvaStars. Of course don't forget to read our TOS !

ü No membership fees


Concerning other Virtual Worlds

ü You can take your own creations to AvaStars - Own creations means you are the owner and creator of the objects

ü You can use your avatar name in AvaStars.


We invite you to explore this exciting world.

If, of course after exploring, you might have any questions

or suggestions please send them to us.



Make an account today and let yourself be surprised.